Procedure for other claim

Survival Benefit Claim

  • Original policy document
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Survival Benefit discharge voucher duly verified by your bank
  • If your signature has changed over the years, please send us your three specimen signatures of old and new styles

Immediately on receipt of above documents, we will process the case for payment of amount due, if any, against survival benefit claim under above policy.


Injury Claim

If your State Life insurance policy contains an Accidental Death & Indemnity Benefit (AIB) supplementary cover, and you have sustained an injury as specified in the contract, you can apply to us for an injury claim within 20 days of sustaining the accident. For lodging your injury claim, please send a written intimation of the accident mentioning therein the date of accident to your servicing State Life zonal office.
After receipt of intimation from you, the case will be further looked into and our zonal office will contact you accordingly.