House Building & Perquisites Insurance Scheme

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What need does it fulfill ?

It provides financial security to employers and financial institutions against the risk of untimely death of any of their indebted employee or client. Very often the family of the deceased person is not is a position to repay the loans taken out by him, especially if the deceased person was the sole breadwinning member of the family. In such a case the insurance coverage provides an assurance to the creditor that he would be able to recover his capital without causing hardship to the distressed family.

Benefits Of Group House Building & perquisites Insurance

In case of death of an insured member of the scheme the total amount of the loan outstanding against him including accumulated interest is payable to the policyholder. In case State Life earns a profit on any policy during a 3-year period, the policyholder is also entitled to some share in the profits depending upon the size of the group.

What riders can be addes ?

PTD (Accident) and NDB rider may be attached with this plan. These riders provide insurance cover against permanent disability due to accidental and natural causes rendering the insured member unable to earn a livelihood for himself and his family.

In such a case the attaching riders can facilitate the creditor in recovering the outstanding amount of loan.

Suitable For

This plan is suitable for employers who have a scheme for providing loans to their employees for house building, purchases of conveyance or any other goods of household use. It is also suitable for banks who are in the business of granting loans to their clients for purchase of house or conveyance or for some business venture. Similarly leasing companies and other financial institutions with similar facility may find this plan quite attractive.