Pay Continuation Scheme

    • Manpower is still considered as one of the most important elements of productions inspite of the dramatic growth of microchip based automation in all walks of life, especially in commerce and industry. The overall efficiency of an organization therefore depends upon the quality of the manpower of its employees. The more devoted, hardworking and loyal the employees the higher the reward to the employer in the form of greater efficiency and profitability. Quality manpower can be attracted by offering a good employee benefits package based on ensuring security and peace of mind of the workforce so that a greater commitment is obtained from them. This is why the enlightened employer pays particular attention to the welfare and well being of their workforce through various employee benefits scheme.

    • One of the functions of such schemes is to provide protection to the employee's dependants in the event of his death. Progressive employers do provide group insurance which pays a lump sum to the dependants. This however does not last long. What is required in addition is a regular monthly income for a period of time. To meet this Requirement State Life proudly presents a plan, which offers invaluable protection to the employee's family during his working life. The family's regular monthly income is protected for 15 years or until age 60 witchever is earlier. In this way coverage is provided for pay upon the death of the employee. This is illustrated by the following example:

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    • Supposing the pay of an employee is Rs 2000/- per month. If death takes place at age 47 then the benefits payable will be Rs 2000/- per month up to age 60, i-e., for a period of 13 years. Total amount payable Rs.3,12,000/-
    • If death takes place at age 35 then the benefit payable will be 2,000/- per month for a period of 15 years. Total amount payable Rs. 3,60,000/-