Board Of Directors

Mr. Sulaiman S. Mehdi
Mr. Shoaib Javed Hussain
Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)
Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan Independent Director
Mr. Humayun Bashir Independent Director
Mrs. Pouruchisty Sidhwa Independent Director
Mr. Sheharyar Iftikhar Khan Independent Director
Ms. Sarah Saeed (Rep. Ministry of Commerce) Non Executive Director
Mr. Mohammad Sheheryar Sultan (Rep. Ministry of Finance) Non Executive Director
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal (Rep. Ministry of Health) Non Executive Director
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Company Secretary


Sub Committee(s).



Board Standing Committee

Mr. Shoaib Javed Hussain Chairman
Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan  Member
Mrs. Pouruchisty Sidhwa  Member
 Divisional Head (P&GS)  Secretary


Board Underwriting Committee and Reinsurance & Co-Insurance Committee

 Mr. Mohammad Sheheryar Sultan  Chairman
 Divisional Head (Act)  Member
 Divisional Head (PHS)  Member
 DGM - PHS (Underwriting)  Secretary


Board Risk Management, Compliance and Litigation Committee

 Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan  Chairman
Mr. Sheharyar I. Khan  Member
Mr. Mohammad Sheheryar Sultan Member
 Mrs. Pouruchisty Sidhwa  Member
Executive Director (Legal Affairs Division) Member
 Divisional Head (Risk Management)  Secretary


Board Claim Settlement Committee

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal  Chairman
Executive Director (PHS)  Member
Divisional Head (H&AI)  Member
Divisional Head (PHS)  Secretary


Board Ethics, Human Resource & Remuneration & Nomination Committee

Mrs. Pouruchisty Sidhwa  Chairman
Mr. Humayun Bashir   Member
Rep. Ministry of Commerce   Member
Executive Director (P&GS)   Member
 Divisional Head (P&GS)  Secretary


Board IT Committee

 Mr. Humayun Bashir  Chairman
-  Member
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal  Member
Executive Director (IT/CTO)  Member
Divisional Head (IT)  Secretary


Board Investment Committee

Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan  Chairman
-  Member
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal  Member
Executive Director (Inv)  Member
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  Member
Appointed Actuary  Member
Divisional Head (Investment) Secretary
Divisional Head (Real Estate) Standing Secretary
(For the matter related to Real Estate Division)


Board Audit Committee

Mr. Sheharyar I. Khan   Chairman
Mr. Mohammad Sheheryar Sultan Member
Mr. Humayun Bashir   Member
Divisional Head (I.A)  Secretary


Compliance Officer 

Dr. Arshad Hameed Iraqi Compliance Officer