Muhafaz Plus Assurance

Muhafiz Plus provides a substantial sum of money on maturity or earlier death (Allah forbid) of the life insured. On maturity, the policyholder will receive sum insured plus bonuses attached with the policy.

However if the life insured dies before completion of term of the policy, basic sum insured plus attached bonuses will be paid to the dependants immediately. In case of death due to accident, the double of the sum insured is paid. In addition, the dependents will also be paid an income of Rs 240 per thousand sum insured per annum for a fixed period of 15 years. The first payment will fall due on the policy anniversary immediately after the death of the life insured. Click here for details of the supplementary covers available with this plan.

If you want to calculate your premium under Muhafiz Plus Assurance, please click here.