Sunheri Policy

Sunehri Policy is an innovative life insurance product. It is flexible, secure and meets the challenges of inflation quite economically. Under a special feature of this plan, from third policy year onwards, sum insured under the policy and premium will increase by 6% per annum without providing any evidence of insurability. From the third policy year onward, the policyholder is provided with a statement showing the build up of cash value of the policy and sum insured for the year. The policy also participates in the surplus of State Life and currently the rate of bonus is Rs 105 per thousand per annum of the adjusted opening cash value. Click here for the details of the supplementary covers, which can further increase coverage under this plan.

Death Benefit: If the life insured dies during first two years of policy issue, then the initial basic sum insured will be payable. If the life insured expires in third or later policy years, the death benefit payable will be equal to sum insured applicable to the policy year of death plus adjusted opening cash value.

Maturity Benefit: Policy matures on policy anniversary nearest to age 70 years of the life insured. The maturity benefit equals to cash value of the policy at age 70.

The plan is suitable for individuals who have started their career and expect increase in their income over a certain period of time say a year or two. The increase in premium and sum insured helps them to meet their increased insurance requirement with increase in incomes. Click here to calculate your premium for this plan.