Shehnai Policy

Eligible ages:-

Minimum Age: 20 years
Maximum Age: 60 years
Age (Maximum) on Maturity: 70 years

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Shehnai Policy is an innovative life insurance product. It provides a solution to the problems of many concerned parents who want to save now in order to provide for their children's higher education, marriage and other expenses when the need arises. The term of the plan is such that the lump sum benefit becomes payable as the child attains the age of 25 years.

Shehnai Policy also caters from the ravages of inflation. This is done by the option of automatic increase of 6% per annum in sum insured and premium from third policy year onward. From the fourth policy year onward, the policyholder is provided with a statement showing the build up of cash value of the policy and sum insured for the year. The policy also participates in the surplus of State Life and currently the rate of bonus is Rs 105 per thousand per annum of the adjusted opening cash value.

Maturity Benefit: The policy matures when the child attains age 25 years. At maturity the cash value of the policy is paid to the child. The cash value includes all the bonuses attached with the policy.

Death Benefit: If the life insured dies during term of the policy, premium payments stop and the sum insured applicable to the policy year of death is deferred to be payable when the child attains age of 25. At the time of death of the life insured, the said sum insured is added to the 'adjusted opening cash value' to be called the 'enhanced cash value' and participates in State Life's surplus until it is paid out to the child when he or she attains the age of 25 years. The child will have an option of either collecting the benefit in a lump sum or in five equal annual installments.

This policy will acquire a surrender value after it has been inforce for at least two consecutive years provided no premiums are in default. The surrender value will be quoted by State Life on request of the policyholder.

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